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The best blerds you ever heard are back and wrapping up their review of both Powers and House of X. Maps and Kels start off by talking about their different opinions on House of X #5, then move on to doing the deep dive style of review you know and love and casting some unlikely actors to potentially play Mr. Sinister in the MFCU! If you’re already a fan be prepared to be whelmed and if you’re a first time listener…prepare to be impressed. Blerd Up!

For more media from Maps, as well as other great podcasts, head on over to www.hyphenpodcastgroup.com, and go to https://www.patreon.com/hyphenpodcastgroup if the spirit moves you to support.

Remember without knowledge of self all monetary and material riches mean nothing. Go to www.blackhistorybuff.com and reap the benefits of our ancestors. Tell em Maps sent ya!

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