First, lets explain that this was recorded as episode two but is obviously being released now. Why? Kofi winning the title and Avenger: Endgame came out and kinda pushed what we had planned back. In this episode Maps and Bane were supposed to be covering the Avengers Vol. 1- The Final Host, written by Jason Aaron…..but it just didn’t pan out like that. What had happened was….we were still on a podhigh from celebrating the life of Bane’s brother as well as our eternal love of the 1980s Transformers movie. From there Bane gives his review of Netflix’s Voltron, as well as Jordan Peele’s Us. FYI there are some spoilers but not major ones? Eventually we work way around to actually doing what we came together to do; review this new Avengers comic book arc. After that the ball gets officially rolling  when we pitch Black Sentry into the MCU, who Michael Jai White should play, how Bane put Miles up on Captain America back in the day. And lastly they touch on Bane’s take on the new She-Hulk, a review of Batman: White Knight and the upcoming Birds of Prey movie.

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