What’s the word my blerds? To say we are on a mutant high over here at A Podcast Called Fresh would be an understatement! Miles and Kelen are caught up in the Rapture which is House of X! The proverbial chickens are coming home to roost for the X-Men, and who better to hold your hand through what is turning out to be a pivotal point in Marvel history? Maps and Kel got your covered like gravy on a biscuit, just sit back and press play. Oh yeah…..they talk Punisher, and you know how much they love talking Frank Castle. Please remember to download and subscribe A Podcast Called Fresh on your favorite podcast provider.

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Remember without knowledge of self all monetary and material riches mean nothing.  Go to www.blackhistorybuff.com and reap the benefits of our ancestors.  Tell em Maps sent ya!

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