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The best blerds you ever heard are back again with another review for you! With Mutant fatigue set in, Maps and Kels wade further into the waters of the Children of the Atom. Want to know Kel’s thoughts on this run so far? The answer might shock you; it sure shocked Miles. Want to know if they plan on calling her Kitty or Kate? And if the new Marauders is worth a read? Look no further then this new episode of A Podcast Called Fresh!

For more media from Maps, as well as other great podcasts, head on over to www.hyphenpodcastgroup.com, and go to https://www.patreon.com/hyphenpodcastgroup if the spirit moves you to support.

Remember without knowledge of self all monetary and material riches mean nothing. Go to www.blackhistorybuff.com and reap the benefits of our ancestors. Tell em Maps sent ya!

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