After several technical difficulties, I’m back with a new episode of the “#1 concert review podcast in the world”.
This episode I give you my review seeing one of my favorite bands ever, the legendary Fleetwood Mac, once again BUT with an interesting and new twist? Die hard Mac fans know what I’m referring to (43:00)
As usual, this week we have some music related news to get into such as Woodstock 50 being cancelled, Bun B shooting an armed robber, Tool finally announcing a release date and more (11:45) and some tour announcements especially of one tour that’s announcement took the internet by storm (36:20).

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Chris Travis “King Of The Ocean” –

Incubus “20 Years Of Make Yourself & Beyond” –

Pouya “Liquid Sunshine Tour” –

Blink-182 & Lil Wayne “North American Summer Tour” –

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