I’m back after a traumatic week that made me miss an episode (I go into that). This episode I welcome back the return of HPG alum and friend of the show, Marcus “Showinmadlov” Robinson, as we got together to review another Three 6 Mafia…related album/mixtape. In 2013, DJ Paul got together the rest of Three 6 Mafia (with the exception of Juicy J) to form Da Mafia 6ix and release the project “6ix Commandments”. It would be the first and sadly last time all 6 legendary members would be on the same album together since their classic 2000 album, When The Smoke Clears (which me & Marcus already reviewed together). Hear me and Marcus’ talk about the project along with other tales (such as how I chickened out on a show I still regret) and more.
Apologies for the poor audio quality on my end during our conversation. Didn’t realize the issue until during the editing process.
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