I’ve been burnin’ up for this episode. This episode I get to talk about a band of brothers I actually do have a little history with and my experience at their “reunion” tour of sorts. Along with that I also talk about some unfortunate losses in the music world, Guns N’ Roses being dicks to a die hard fan, JT IS FREE and JT is going back to his “roots”. (listen closely to the very end for quick glimpse into the next special episode, it’s gonna be “sic”) Support the Hyphen Podcast Group on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/hyphenpodcastgroup Follow me so you can keep up with episodes and more on my Twitter & Instagram : @catcherofshows Make sure you keep up with all Hyphen Podcast Group shows on our Twitter & Instagram: @hyphenpodcastgroup Check out my new podcast, The Underground Monster Show, here: https://anchor.fm/the-underground-monster

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