The Stamp Of Approval With Bobby Stamps – Ep. 5

Who’s to blame for the UGA offensive woes? How long will Tua’s injury keep him sidelined? How can the poor refereeing in college and NFL ball be improved? How soon can the Falcons escape the salary cap hole they’re in? Are the Saints and Teddy Bridgewater the NFC’s best team? And we discuss the new procedure that Alabama uses to get injured players back on the field sooner.

The Stamp Of Approval With Bobby Stamps – Ep. 4

How bad was the Georgia loss to South Carolina, and where does it rank as far as bad losses in Bulldog history? Can Kirby Smart fix the many issues that were visible Saturday? How far can Ed Orgeron take LSU? Wisconsin is on a collision course with Ohio State. The Falcons allow 34 points to a rookie QB and lose. Change is a must in Atlanta. Why do (losing) teams continue to defy logic and ignore the lines of scrimmage, choosing instead to sign high profile WRs, RBs and QBs to big money deals? Plus, we get more into the College “pay for play” law, and discuss the NBA mess in China. Also, Bobby is fully aware it’s Morgantown, West Virginia, not Tennessee.

The Stamp Of Approval with Bobby Stamps – Volume 3

WSB-TV (not really) proudly presents The Stamp Of Approval with Bobby Stamps! Topics: How good are OU and Ohio St? Are they a true threat to Bama and Clemson? Who wins the Justin Fields transfer: UGA or the Buckeyes? Does the winner between Auburn/Florida make them a National Title contender? How will the new law in California regarding college athletes change the landscape of college football? Lastly, are the Braves ready for prime time this postseason or will clinching the NL East early dash their World Series hopes?