Didn’t go to any shows this week. Still recuperating from Warped Tour. So for this episode I’m reaching into my file cabinet of “concert memories” and talking about the time I finally got to see one of my favorite artists and one of the biggest artists out now, Kendrick Lamar, live last summer.
Of course, I follow up on my The Catch-up segment by giving my opinion on Kiss’ third album, Dressed To Kill, along with some music news and takes on the latest album releases.

Have you seen Kendrick live before? Have you heard Dressed To Kill before? Got any concert or artists recommendations? Share your thoughts with me on my Twitter, IG & Snapchat: @ghostdawgydawg

It’s a long episode, but lemme make it easier for ya:
Music news (2:45)
Album releases (29:55)
The Catch-up – Kiss’ “Dressed To Kill” (52:20)
Kendrick Lamar show (1:09:45)

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