For the past few years, MTV has held a roundtable discussion to decide who the hottest MC’s in the game are for a certain year. Every year there’s always debate about the final list. With this year as no exception (and Jay-Z listed at #6!), the HHM Team has been called to action! Kelen and Matt talk at length about the list, covering everyone who made it as well as those who were excluded. Don’t miss it when Chivalry accuses Hyphen of pot smoking when he talks about Wiz Khalifa! Discover what song has almost made Chiv stop being a Big Sean fan! Uncover the Chris Bosh of hip-hop! See what rapper has lowered his standards just because he can! And listen to Hyph sing Drake’s praises to high heaven! If you still want to check it out after that intro, press play like Diddy and let’s get rolling (as in going not smoking Matthew)!

P.S. Hip-Hop Manifesto has signed to Maybach Music Group as well.

Episode #11: Who Got The Hottest MC In The Game Props?

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