It’s week 10, and war is declared by Gary Wolfe early and often. This is the week he faces his friendly foe, Eric in both leagues they are in. From the onset, Gary proclaims himself “The Destroyer of E!” and never lets up throughout the episode. Will his team back up his trash talk? Only time will tell.

Other happenings during the podcast include Anthony Sellers and Gary giving their top plays, sleeper picks and potential busts of the week; most of which revolved around the Indianapolis Colts (not in a positive manner for Colts fans.) Anthony blunders on preparation details for a second week, so the two create the over/under segment while recording, and the two give their ultimate stat projection.

They then end with the trash talk segment, which was more of a continuation of the whole podcast, with everything else sprinkled in like the “change-of-pace RB.”

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