In a condensed version of the normal podcast, Anthony Sellers does the podcast on his own. Prior engagements forced his hand as his normal co-host Gary Wolfe was unable to join for the week and Anthony wasn’t able to scramble quick enough to get someone to fill in for Gary.

Alas, the show goes on and Anthony tells you his top plays for this week as well as his sleeper pick and potential bust of the week. After reviewing last week’s over/under segment, he decided to take a break from the over/under segment this week but still gives his ultimate statline, which featured Melvin Gordon this week.

He goes over a quick review of some trash talk from last week, and after 16 minutes, he is on his way to watching Thursday Night Football.

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Although there will not be a podcast next week (Thanksgiving day), be sure to check back in two weeks for more Fantasy Input!

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