This episode was done in one take! We start the show off by paying tribute to the “Queen of Soul” Miss Aretha Franklin and talk of her legacy and impact.
Then we follow up on The Catch-Up segment by giving my review of Kiss’ 1976 studio album, Destroyer. What did I think of this acclaimed classic record?
And since it’s officially the end of summer (and I had no show to review this week), I decided to give you my list of the 20 songs that were my personal summer anthems for this year.

What are your ‘summer anthems’ of 2018? Let me know along with other thoughts and opinions of the show on my Twitter, IG & Snapchat: @ghostdawgydawg

Aretha Franklin (9:20)
The Catch-Up – Kiss’ “Destroyer” (22:30)
My Top 20 Summer Anthems of 2018 (36:15)

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