We got a lengthy one on our hands this time. This episode we have a lot to talk about. Mainly my experience seeing what might be one of the best shows I’ve seen all year from one of my favorite bands ever, Fishbone.
But first I get into recent music news by covering a lot of celeb beefs that have been happening lately (Nicki Minaj vs. Travis Scott, Lauryn Hill vs. Robert Glasper, Teyana Taylor vs. Jeremih).
Then I follow up on The Catch-Up by reviewing Kiss’ 1976 album, Rock & Roll Over.
Have you ever heard or seen Fishbone before? What you think of these music beefs? Let me know your thoughts and more on my Twitter, IG & Snapchat: @ghostdawgydawg

Its a long one so here’s the times:
Music news – 6:50
Nicki (15:15)
Lauryn’s response (22:10)
Teyana/Jeremih (35:45)
Albums (47:40)
The Catch-Up – Kiss’ “Rock & Roll Over” (53:40)
Fishbone (1:05:00)

Cleo J’s response to Lauryn’s: medium.com/@CleoJ/this-was-the-longest-rambling-bit-of-faux-woke-nonsense-ive-ever-read-a44d7fa4cbba

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