Talking about the Rocketmaaaaannn! That’s right. This week’s episode featured my review seeing Sir Elton John live for the third time on his (alleged) farewell tour before he retires from performing (44:20).

Alongside that, we also have some recent music news from topics such as the controversy around rapper Vic Mensa’s words about the late XXXTENTACION to Lana Del Rey threatening Azealia Banks and even Shaggy 2 Dope of ICP trying to dropkick Fred Durst??? You’ll just have to hear it for yourself (6:30). Why are you still reading this? Hit that play button and listen!

What’s your opinion on some of this news? Are you fan of Elton John and have you seen him live? Talk to me about the show and more on my Twitter, IG & Snapchat: @ghostdawgydawg

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