Hyphen Nation is almost legal to drink but I’m over here popping champagne anyway! In the 20th edition of the best podcast in the world (I was wrong in the episode, this is the 31st week of the year, making me 11 episodes behind having an episode every week of 2016), I have a lot to bring to the microphone this time out. A little Russell Westbrook talk. A little Drake and Joe Budden talk. A lot of WWE talk about Battleground, Sami Zayn/Kevin Owens, July 25th’s episode of Raw, and Sasha Banks/Charlotte. A little about how the NFL is in a constant lose/lose battle with player safety and making the game of football less fun talk. A little drug test talk. And a sincere cry for help about my inability to listen to as many podcasts that are currently on my iPod. Just like The Whispers, the beat and the podcast goes on.

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