Doing something different for this episode and the next. Join me and the man behind the Hyphen Podcast Group, Kelen a.k.a. B-Hyphen, in the first of 2 parts as we talk about everything that is West Virginia hip hop and THE WV based hip hop label known as Soundvizion Entertainment. The home of artists like 6’6 240, DJ MONSTALUNG, Ace Beanz, A Breezy, Johnny Harmonic, Willz P, Jathara, 304 Reconz and B-Hyphen as well as many other talented artists. Hope ya’ll enjoy and “see the vizion” in the end.
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The playlist I made for this episode of Soundvizion’s best songs for you to hear and get familiar with can be found on Apple Music here:

You can find more Soundvizion music along with a Youtube playlist of the label’s music videos here:

Kelen/B-Hyphen’s music can be found here:

Meuwl, Dinosaur Burps & Rabble Rousers’ music can be found here:

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