On the second and final part of our two-part special, Kelen/B-Hyphen and I go more into his time as an artist on Soundvizion and we talk about the recent reunion show that happened along with sharing our memories and feelings leading up to that very night. This is the conclusion to a great talk about a piece of West Virginia history and WV’s musical legacy that we are honored to have witnessed and be a part of. We only hope and ask that afterwards you submerge yourself into some of the music we’ve been talking about (Links below).

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The playlist I made for these episodes of Soundvizion’s best songs for you to hear and get familiar with can be found on Apple Music here: itunes.apple.com/us/playlist/soundvizion-entertainment-the-playlist/pl.u-RRbVVNVIZMMv00

You can find most of the Soundvizion catalog on Amazon, iTunes, Bandcamp and more. But you can find more Soundvizion music along with a Youtube playlist of the label’s music videos here:
and here:

Kelen/B-Hyphen’s music can be found here:

Meuwl, Dinosaur Burps & Rabble Rousers’ music can be found here:

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