As December brings us to the merciful end of 2016, people everywhere are making efforts at playing nice for the holidays. But not me. Well, only in one segment. I spend way more time talking about why Tim Drake is the best Robin and Damien Wayne isn’t. Well, I really didn’t go in on Damien. Which then brings us to Dan Slott and why he needs to be relieved of his duties on Amazing Spider-Man asap. You know… I have a little fanfiction background; give me the job. I also spend some time debating between Man Of Steel/Spider-Man 1/Cap 1/Begins/IM 1. And I created the world’s best pizza… partially inebriated.

I need questions for Episode #30, which I plan on being the first ever mailbag episode. Tweet me, email me, message me on Facebook, text me, carrier pigeon…

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