This episode started out in classic Hyphen Nation style: in the car, in a random parking lot in Morgantown. I shared stories of a heavy biscuit and then I tried to justify maybe possibly forgiving Kanye West for his outrageous comments… just like I forgave a certain Hulkster. BUT THEN, the episode fast forwards to 2017! In the new year, I talk about the maturity of 20 something me v 30 something me, how having a daughter has given me a gender bias I wasn’t even aware of, whether or not I’m hurting THE WORLD’S GREATEST PODCAST by sometimes going explicit, and I take a few minutes for Craig Sager. Hyphen Nation is the true champ that runs that camp.

I need questions for Episode #30, which I plan on being the first ever mailbag episode. Tweet me, email me, message me on Facebook, text me, carrier pigeon…

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