BRING DA MUTHAF*CKIN’ RUCKUS! It’s a very special episode of CTS this week and what better to talk about for the 36th episode than the legendary Shaolin Masters from Staten Island, NY: WU-TANG CLAN. I was ever so fortunate to witness all members come together and perform the hip hop class, Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), in it’s entirety along with other great hits and I’m gonna share my full experience with you (1:31:15).

This entire episode is dedicated to one of my fav (if not my top fav) rap groups ever. So we’re talking nothing but Wu from ‘which Wu affiliate would you make an official clan member’ (19:30), my personal favorite Wu album (36:20), my ranking of the members (40:30), their Top 10 solo albums (55:19) to even recent news involving the clan (1:08:58) and tours they have going on (1:27:00). So sit back, relax (don’t smile) and throw your W’s up.

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