Not only is this the first episode of IBMP with a guest, its the first volume of Melanated Misfits! Maps and Twinn talk politics, break the Kardashian Kode, Trump, how the Me Too movement is good but will need to be checked, the Infinity War movie, male/female relations… and a bit of everything else! We’re trying to eventually make this a monthly thing, so if you like what you hear please let us know if you want more Melanated Misfits!

*Disclaimer* The quality of this episode may be up to snuff for most, not for us at I, Black Man Podcast. Due to conflicting schedules, Maps and Twinn were forced to record while in two different locations. Due to this the audio didn’t come out top notch and a considerable amount of editing had to be done. All that aside thank you for looking past the tech issues and for even reading this shit, look at you all involved and shit!

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