I start off with no topics, flying by the seat of my pants… but that doesn’t last too long. I get you ready for Clash Of The Champions and give some ideas for where the card should go… but don’t expect see anything like that on Sunday night. I have to reply to Errick’s way to end The Walking Dead on It’s Like A Podcast Or Whatever Ep. 26 with my own ideas but mine isn’t as hilarious as his. I recommend Z! True Long Island Story by Zack Ryder and Michael Jordan’s 55 point performance against the Bullets in 1997. And I have to get serious and address the situation at my beloved WWVU-FM U92 radio station. Seems like things are righting themselves over there. #U9Me2 Who cares what LeBron told Lonzo? Not me. Find something better to do people, you’re drunk.

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