In the finale of the 2013 NFL preseason, Zach “Spideydude” Joiner is back with Tom (Kelen and Paul bailed, shame shame) to deliver the 2013 NFL Preview! Containing: Richard Seymour is still eating chicken, how the NFC West has become one of the best divisions in the NFL within 3 seasons, the Steelers get compared to a 1975 VW Rabbit, Tom wants JJ Watt to destroy Tom Brady, more Gabbert bashing, Zach’s high school football team got thumped by Ryan Tannehill, Tom thinks both New York football teams will fire coaches after this season, and the show turns into Moves Like Big Papi with a little MLB talk! There’s only one way to see if Tom can correctly pick the Super Bowl winner again, so why haven’t you pressed play yet?

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