This is coming off the Harry Styles episode for several reasons: 1) Harry Styles is a former boy band member 2) I’ve always enjoyed boy bands [ya boy even wanted to be in one when he was a kid] and 3) I know my shit. This is who I consider to be the 10 best that stand the test of time so far. The 10 who we still sing out loud to, know every dance move of and have favorite albums by. So grab your cherished t-shirt, doll or that towel of sweat you caught from AJ at the “Into The Millennium” tour that you still have and let’s see who of the dudes we unashamedly still listen to that got us through our youths had the stronger career and impact. This is dedicated to the ones who have a favorite bad boy or even just know the name of the guy that didn’t get many solos in songs. DISCLAIMER: Of course, this is just my personal opinion of who I think are the 10 best. This is not the defining list. Feel free to make your own and send it to me @: Twitter, IG & Snapchat: @ghostdawgydawg

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