Gary Wolfe and Anthony Sellers are joined on their Fantasy Football Bosses podcast this week by the Hosts of “The Lemon and the Fro” Podcast, Kelen “B Hyphen” Conley and Lane Lemon.

As with every episode, the group give out their top DFS plays for the week, where Anthony is forced to defend his Cleveland Browns against an the constant onslaught of Gary, Kelen and Lane consistently pick Houston Texans to be top plays, until he finally joins in on one pick at the end as well as potential sleeper picks. They also talk about potential busts for the week and give their top stack combinations for DFS.

Gary and Anthony review their picks from last week, and then the group tells what they think of players such as Deshaun Watson, Matt Ryan, Jarvis Landry and Eli Manning going over and under on certain categories. The group also gives their ultimate stat line projection for the week.

As is custom of every episode, the show ends with a segment dedicated to trash talk, where Gary takes over the microphone to finally address their good friend Eric. Gary may have also professed a man crush on guest Lane.

The fantasy football bosses podcast can be also be found on ITunes, and, along with The Lemon and the Fro podcast.

Be sure to check back next week.

Intro and outro music produced by Feelo Records.

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