We got a “no show review” episode this time. But it’s okay, I got something special for next week. A man can only see so many concerts on a consistent basis! So with no show to review this week, I’m giving you the ten artists (solo/bands) that I wanna see live someday. Hopefully we’ll get to cover most of them if not all on the show in the future.
Alongside that, I touch on some recent music news that’s hit this week from R. Kelly’s latest “single” to Demi Lovato’s overdose. Then we go into a new segment I’m calling “The Catch-Up” (for now) where I review a particular artist’s discography chronologically album by album each month. We’re starting with KISS! Also gotta touch on the new music I recently heard so just sit back and listen.

Here’s the time stamps:
News (4:45)
The Catch-Up – KISS ‘ “Kiss” (33:00)
Releases (40:15)
Top 10 (55:30)

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Lauryn Hill Ain’t the GOAT: youtu.be/a4PGuPZ4AUI

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