I don’t know if this episode is supposed to come out. I started it two weeks ago, planned on finishing that same weekend but then had to make a surprise trip home. Finished principle recording late last week and then I ended up helping shoot a video with the fam and then I putted around on Sunday. Completed editing on Monday morning and planned on posting last night… and I fell asleep during Game 5 only to wake up to see the Warriors had pulled it out. Uploaded the audio this morning before I left the house… and the internet has been spotty at best all day at work.

With all that said, welcome to Hyphen Nation Episode ONE HUNDRED! I made a bunch of categories and picked my favorites out of a bunch of things I care about. Then I shared my hopes and dreams because Marcus asked me to… and I may or may not have been talking trash. Then everything wraps up nicely with an extremely personal segment that I did not expect I’d have the opportunity to do. Happy 100 Hyphen Nation. Thank you to everyone who’s taken the time to listen. Here’s to 100 more… sooner than this 100 took.

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