I’m gonna be honest with you guys, this episode was recorded in several parts and edited together. From the start I had no idea of what i wanted to cover, just that I wanted to make an honest attempt to talk about mental health….and I think I did a semi decent job? I start this episode off taking about how I’ve been debating taking a break from doing this for awhile and trying to get my mind correct. But Tony Stank say “We ain’t got time for that. King Kur say “We ain’t got time for that!” Speaking of my comrade Bomb, I talk about the recent conversation we had about promoting and branding. It appears June is not only my born-month but also Pride Month! And if you know me, you know I got at LEAST 2 cents to say about it. This episode has more mentions of Ms. Laney Bennis and our conflicting views of relationship responsibilities as well as the cruel joke of women’s and men’s differing sex drives. Oh yeah… I eventually get around to talking about mental health and that big news the title mentioned.

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