I’m sorry for the wait, especially to my dedicated listeners. This episode was recorded before the previous but released after.  One of the reasons for that was due to my podcasting cousins from Talk Black to Me Podcast, they gave me a shout out that made me feel mayhaps it’d be best if I dropped this one later. As my loyal listeners know that one of the recurring subjects of this podcast is depression, and my personal struggles with it. With that said, before recording this my depression was pretty bad and I recorded this episode umpteen times in an attempt to provide you guys with an episode that’s more then me just raging and complaining. Even after editing and mixing this I wanted to erase it and start over, but Kel said “Naw, you better drop that shit.” What you are about to hear is my attempts at venting and trying to get to the root of my issues.  It’s not my intention to offend anybody with my words, this episode, and i truly feel those that know me whether by listening or personally, will understand my words and intentions.  It is truly my greatest hope that ANY of this aids anybody going through depression or anger issues and helps them see the world and themselves differently. See you later….Maps out.

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