Comic Con cons.

Handsome Bane is about the people! Steal for the needy and give to the poor…or steal to make a buck, but don’t hurt people.
Following the law isn’t justice.

Jada for President … of her elementary school.

****Shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

SHAME!!! More Sexual Harrassment Complaints SHAME!!!
*Louis C.K.
*H. Weinstein
*B. Ratner
*R. Moore

ExtraLife event was great!
$420 raised and a HUGE thank you for every single one of those dollars.
Cradles to Crayons serves kids ages 0-12 years in the greater Boston area and a few outskirt towns like Brockton, Lynne, Lowell.

Looking for a kickball game during friendsgiving?
Heck yea!
Save you from retail hell. Stay out of the cold and in those lines.


Rhode Island Comic Convention wrap up
+so many friends and cosplayers
+better after parties this year…supposedly
-so many people waiting in pergatory length lines
-space is too tight for the amount of people
-lots of cancellations

Blackface doesn’t work! Ever!

We have a TABLE at South Shore Comic Con
December 2nd

Tune in next week for the Cereal Tournament.
32 Cereal go in, only one comes out.

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