Who’da thunk a meme posted on the ‘gram could become the subject of an entire pod without looking like we were scraping the bottom of the barrel? This week, our friend, Franny (compelling protagonist of the In True Franny Fashion Podcast) took the keys to Minivan of ILaPoW and drove it like a Lambo. We kinda leap right into the fray as Mike Lam WAS in the episode until his Skype crashed, leaving Handsome Bane to go one-on-one with Franny who is not. shy. at. ALL! This ep is all about talking. Dudes being able to talk. How to argue. Fighting fair and all that. Listen with your lover and argue our points. Take a shot every time we say something you’ve heard your loved one say about you. This is episode 92 on the road to 100 for anyone keeping count at home. Many more guest hosts to come, so stay tuned. LT&B!

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