The gang braves the sweltering conditions of the Level Ground dojo to bring YOU a guide to dating while geek. This week Handsome Bane is joined by fellow blerd Kayin Patton, his semi-regular cohost, Kit Kat Chinetti and her friendbrother, Matthew to discuss their fandoms and how those fandoms affected their relationships both romantic and nonromantic. The windows ARE open and the streets ARE talking in the background, so hopefully they picked up our tips on how to coexist in relationships with nongeeks and how your similar interests and hobbies *gasp* might not be enough to maintain a relationship! It’s not all doom and gloom. Kayin’s silent girlfriend was right there listening to him talk about tying up Handsome Bane in his dad’s basement while listening to Salt N Pepa’s “Shoop”. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE for you, my sweet dweebs! Anywho, break out the pen and pad for this one. Love, Trust and Belief. Enjoy!

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