FINALLY…the Bane…HAS COME BACK!!!…… . . . . . home.

Every episode in recorded in the hallowed halls of Shoptalk Podcast Studio is a special episode and this is quite possibly THEE most important episode of ILAPOW ever- no – EVAR!!!!

Handsome Bane is joined by the living soundtrack of ILaPow, Mr. Hir-O Beats, @DameGoneWild of the Shoptalk Podcast and studio, A former blood rival turned good friend, Ski and last but impossible to be least, his flesh and blood brother, G. Green.

Bane and Ski start the pod by clearing the air on the most confusing and hilarious beef of all time…TWENTY YEARS LATER!

Then the group discusses the accuracy of the characterization of the City of Detroit in the sitcom Martin. Is the main cast representative of “true” Detroiters? Are do the third tier and extra characters do a better job showing what Detroit citizens are like? What other pieces of media show Detroit in an accurate light? What others haven’t a clue? Did you know Lady Shiva from the Batman comics is from Detroit? She is! All this and much more in this loaded episode of It’s Like a Podcast or Whatever.

Pround member of the Hyphen Podcast Group.

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