Whatupdoe Loved Ones! We’re trying something a little different this time. We’ve always been your home for everything from Pro Wrestling takes to Spiritual Warfare to chat with cosplayers. Well, we’re working on a new project called “FirStEps” where we take the first episode of a show and deep dive on it so you can see if it’s something you would find interesting. That way you’re not spending 50 bucks a month on streaming apps just to watch The Office again. On this episode, one of the last Game of Thrones holdouts, KELEN CONLEY (B. Hyphen) makes his return to ILAPOW. We go over the first episode “Winter is Coming” and Kelen’s impressions of it. In the end Kelen let’s us know if he would like to continue watching Thrones or if it’s just not for him. FirStEps is a show we submitted to the Google Podcast project. So wish us luck that we’re able to turn this into something. LTB

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