Last week the guys closed 2011. Now, in their first broadcast of the new year, Mike “the Buzz-saw” Asti and George “the Howitzer” Gerbo look to bring the same vigor and intensity to 2012. Grab some pineapple juice, relax, and enjoy. This program will feature, a recap of the bowl season leading up to the National Championship, a preview of this weekends NFL post-season action, and even some new years resolution banter. Based on what we now know, did the system actually get it right? After the Mountaineers total beat down of Clemson, where does WVU stand among college football’s elite? Will a playoff ever be on the horizon? Over in the professional ranks, a true champion will be crowned. Before diving into the road to Indianapolis, the Buzz-saw has a special rant in store for a couple franchises in search of a new head coach and their pursuit of a Mr. Jeff Fisher. Then, Mike and George breakdown all the match-ups and explain who will eventually earn the Lombardi Trophy. There’s a new happy couple in the sports world. Carlos Zambrano joins his bff, Ozzie Guillen in hopes of returning to his once sensational form. Can Ozzie contain his Venezuelan brother? Will these two powdered kegs of emotions erupt sparking an all out brawl between player and manager? How much would you pay to see that heavyweight prize fight? The HBS rings in the new year. The calendar may have changed but the Howitzer and Buzz-saw STILL conquer sports radio, one day at a time….

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