Anthony. Thomas. Kelen. Together, these three are the Tricycle Offense. Almost four years ago, they started a podcast called the Trike Adventures. Because Kelen is the king of excuses, the microphone on the Trike Adventures had been muted… until two Saturdays ago. In this 9th episode, the gang is joined by Gary “Boomer Boomerang” Wolfe and all things ridiculous are covered. Such as: Boomer Boomerang’s tractor fire! Anthony’s nightmare following Game 2 of the NBA Finals! Boomer Boomerang’s Three Stages of… you’ll have to listen, I’m not typing it out! The polite way to ask… nope! Not gonna do it! And they finally share some embarrassing stories! I held onto this episode until the Finals were over, so I conclude with… congratulations to the first time NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers! The Curse is over!

#07: A Little Piss-tivity (Guest: Gary “Boomer Boomerang” Wolfe)

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