Coming to you from the newest digs in Roxbury, the lads take the Mission Hill Health Center studio out for its maiden voyage. We introduce for the first time an old friend and new partner Eric Rivas of the Lifted Podcast. He gives us some insight to the great things he has done, is doing and will do in the community. He shares how he came by the new space and just how all that figures into ILaPoW, Lifted, Mission Hill, Level Ground and Hyphen Podcast Group.

Then, after the boys eat their community vegetables, we talk comics and just nerd out. We make up a couple new characters. We weigh fighting options in the X-Men world. And is Hot Girl Summer’s reign of terror finally over? Can we just chill? Or go apple picking. Or Trick or Treating? Is apple picking just Trick or Treating in nature? Some of these questions and more in THIS It’s Like a Podcast or Whatever!

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