First of all, I want to apologize for getting you guys all ready for a viewer mail episode for it not to happen this week. We could have forced it, but then it wouldn't have been what we WANTED to give you guys. You deserve better. All 3 of you who watch and listen to us.

So THIS week, Handsome Bane goes solo-dolo into the city of pod. He introduces the new segment, “What We NOT Gon' Do”. He channels his inner Kelen Conley and makes velvety smooth transitions from topic to topic. He also quotes JJohnson313's quoting of an article…or an essay or something. Don't let the fact that it's fourth-hand information take away from it being true.

Pointing guns at high school kids for prom season is not only not funny, it's hack material! HB gives you the building blocks for your relationship with your daughters to like…build trust in THEM. Or whatever.

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