The Mancave is closed again. So we’re out like Da Band when Diddy closed down the studio. Thankfully, friend of the show, Nancy Lamerique opened up her kitchen to us.

We really are nomads.

We start with a bunch of bummers and eventually climb our way out of the gutter.
School Shootings, racist prick lawyers, people screwing up someone else’s to further their agenda. Michigan State owes a lot of people money for a terrible thing and everybody’d asking Handsome Bane about it. HUMBUG!

Then we go back to our notes from the beginning of the school year and help you dumb ol’ freshmen get ahead in college before you even skip your first 8 oclock. Get a pen and pad or SUBSCRIBE to the channel so you can review this sage advice whenever you need to.


Finally, we start giving people their own theme music. Surely we’re not the only ones who pretend to be walking down the aisle to a wrestling ring in our everyday travels. That’s why we wanted to do this segment. So we can imagine what it must be like to be other people.

Vote HERE to see what songs will make it into next weekend’s ONE HIT WONDER RUMBOWL

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