This is not a Hyphen Podcast Group show, but Handsome Bane of It’s Like A Podcast Or Whatever was a guest.

Welcome back to #Shoptalkpodcast EP155! This Week’s Episode kicks off with only J.Johnson as Dame called in later in the episode to join. Prior to, J is joined by @hey_virg, @Roqcity, and @ila_pow in the studio and they discuss a number of topics. A conversation on twitter about the Ayesha Curry comment and backlash lead to some good old fashion “shoptalk”.

Dame called in and joined into the Curry discussion. The fellas also discussed Max Kellerman saying Kawhi Leonard being more clutch than Kobe, Kim Kardashian and her assistance in the freeing of the unjustly incarcerated, and a update on Christopher Darden. This was a really good meeting of the minds and a chance to hear men of differing opinions, exchange in dialog and discourse.

Dame also gives an update on what’s been going on with his health over the last week.

Hope you enjoy!

Music Pick – None this week.

Who’s Man Is This?!? – Logic (the rapper)

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