Welcome Los & Lettes to the very first spectacular episode of soopa freshness of “The Underground Monster”: a new podcast all things “deep underground” hip hop. Juggalo and more brought to you by the fine people behind Catch The Show & Hyphen Podcast Group.
Every week I give my take on some the latest news and workings within the Juggalo culture and the underground rap world itself along with a “question of the week” to ponder on. If you dig the show then make sure to subscribe & share it around to ya homies that might enjoy it too.
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Soopa Gathering [8:20]
New Underground rant [11:35]
Springville, IN confusion [20:45]
Fearless Fred Fury review [25:25]
Lyte’s statement [37:25]
Resistance: Walk To Wasteland review[45:13]
Swag Toof possible return? [51:15]
‘Satelite’ & ‘Magic Spellz’ music videos [54:05]
Generation Nightmare review [57:18]
MNE recent releases [1:01:39]
ABK’s ‘Tampon Juice’ [1:10:45]
N9NA review [1:12:50]
Maez301 & King Iso sign to Strange Music [1:16:03]
Strange Music releases [1:21:33]
Suburban Noize returns [1:27:39]
Upcoming tours & shows [1:28:20]
Sales & new merch [1:37:00]
New favorite releases [1:39:08]
QOTW [1:48:00]

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