Welcome back Los, Lettes, Fam, etc. to the second episode of The Underground Monster. This episode I dive through numerous topics such as this whole “discovery” that our face paint blocks facial recognition technology (4:50), music related news of course (8:16), upcoming shows and festivals (29:29) to name a few. Then things take a left turn and I let oof some steam on a few things by getting my rant on. Starting with the responses I got when I asked some of y’all for recommendations of new female artists in the underground and the supposed lack there of (41:30). Then I give my opinion on the never ending conflict of Twiztid & Blaze performing Dark Lotus songs (58:47). And last but certainly not least, it all leads up to this episode’s ‘question of the week’ where I basically ask ‘what grinds juggalos’ gears that other juggalos do and should stop doing?’ (1:05:03).
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