46. Take a Shower Pls!

The Boston political drama saga continues and again it revolves around Kim Janey. Joe Biden is stealing Alejandra’s former Beyonce, Rachael Rollins and appointing her as US Attorney. COVID about to come and run through your house like a tomb raider again. Levar Burton hosted Jeopardy this week and we are loving it! White people admitting they don’t bathe and Australia people might be fish.

45. Quite a Conundrum Has He Created

RIP to Suzanne Douglas and Biz Markie. We are back from a short break because suddenly we are lost negros that can’t dislike a Black politican. Mass elected officials and others are weirdos per usual. The sky is a cute instagram pink but it’s actually lowkey deadly. The Olympics are actually a mess, and don’t make sense but they are here. 

44. I Love Boston’s Green Spaces

Do you just love Boston’s green spaces? If so Kim Janey wants your vote lol. In fun news Boston is mad literally hot because of racism. Charlie Duane Baker wants to have two tax free months because we got money like dat but no money for the T. Supreme court confirmed you can curse your school out for not giving you a varsity position in cheerleading. Free Britney and the larger implications this case has on disability and mental health issues for all of us.

43. Batman Gives Head!

This episode gets weird! To start it off per usual candidates in Boston are wildin. Charlie Baker really wants you to get vaccinated and has a whole lottery going on. Paul Pierce launching a weed brand. Some man almost got ate up by a WHALE. DC trying to act like Batman doesn’t give head. Kevin Hart won’t be quiet ever about being canceled. In the heights forgot to include the people that live in the heights.

42. They Beefin’.

There is a heat wave in Boston and city councilors are beefin! Jon Santiago is trying to sell you a Ford-F150 and CBS show in his new mayoral ad. BPS Committee members resigned after calling Westie whites… Westie whites. Kamala the cop told Guatemalans not to come to America. Oh and BPD officers are out here flirting on duty.

41. Unfoolish

Local news and good ole racism never gets old. This week Kim Janey is being a fool trying to rush people back to work. Anansi the spider is polling ahead of everyone with Wu right behind her. The UNC Board of Trustees are full of racist that denied the creator of the 1619 project Nikole Hannah-Jones tenure at UNC’s journalism school. Rick Santorum thinks Native American did nothing when it comes to American culture. OHHH and there is a Jim Crow creek, canyon, and road somewhere in Cali named after a native Hawaiian man whose name def wasn’t Jim.

40. Big Mistake

Episode 40 is here and boy do we have news for y’all! First it has been a year since the murder of George Floyd may he rest in peace and man do politicians not know when to quit. In talking about politicians, our hate train of Jon Santiago and John Barros continue for being fools. The Mass Black and Latino caucus not caucusing enough. Lot of mofos vaccinated and lot more gonna get vaccinated before end of summer. Lastly Kyrie and Mark Ruffalo being a hoe.

39. Masks

RIP to the comedy god Paul Mooney! Masks mandates will be disappearing soon and yea we are going to see how that works out. BPD is in more mess and somehow it appears the Boston Police Department cannot be trusted, wow shocking. Conflict continues between Israel and Palestine and Biden tells then to stop it and take a time out. Kenya Barris and Eva Longaria are criminals trying to make Brownish a thing.