S04 E25 Hi, I’m Danny Glover

Saki and Krang are back at it. The W National BA is on the ramp to the Play-offs, so Saki runs off some scores and takes.

Danny ?lover comes through to talk about the time he killed one of those trophy hunting aliens. He also addresses the cowards who’ve never been in a fight and think they know what it would take for the main character of “Prey” to take out a Predator. (It’s Home Alone with a primary weapon!)

You get a bunch of Shredcommendations…

NO! That’s plenty of show. Go away!

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S04 E24 The Princess of Dimension X

Saki’s Bratty Niece, Krangela is here and she’s being put to work! Krang’s Producer duties are passed on to his progeny while Mommy is in a BIG interview. (Good Luck Gina! GIVE EM HELL!!) Saki works REALLY hard to get the kid to open up, but ends making a shocking admission of his own. It gets real heavy…

A Hip New Meme is parodied.

Then a spoiler fr?? review of Apple TV’s new kid’s film “Luck” Also with Princess Krangela.

Wait for it…


Midway through, Saki realizes he’s cursing loud and he feels real bad about it. No spoilers but, y’all got this one right.

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S04 E23 Oops All Shredcommendations

We don’t know when this episode is coming out…well…I guess we do. But it’s an evergreen episode, so it doesn’t matter. Anyways, Here are a bunch of things Shredder thinks you should watch, read or listen to. You can tell your friends about it and act like you came up with it. At SHP, we are the tastemakers, and you get the flava!

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S04 E22 The Rucker Team (revised)

Hey Mutant Miscreants! This episode was recorded a while before Saki started his vacation. Krang really meant to get it out to you a couple of weeks back, but we decided it wasn’t super important. We knew you’d be fine. Well we’re back and we’re hoping Saki’s takes didn’t expire while we were away.

Action Bronson stops through.

No one on Team SHP was sure if Saki ever got around to naming his Rucker team starters, but by this time, there would need to be some…substitutions made.

New episode to follow on Sunday, so don’t be sad that this is short. More SHP soon come!

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200. Bicentennial Man

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