Written by Melysette

When the name Weston Cage Coppola is spoken, it incites the ambiance of a specter. People who’ve heard of Weston visualize a mysterious, dark, and enigmatic figure. Others write him off due to the ghosts of growing up in the least forgiving place of all, the public eye. Today, this misunderstood virtuoso is stepping into a world of his own manifestation, not as a member of a famous family or the child of a much-loved star, but as one of the hardest working people in music and film. Assault on VA-33 is the latest film starring the actor premiering on April 2, 2021. When I sat down with Weston and music producer Ro Rockwell, the primary focus was their album in the making.

It’s unusual to discuss an unfinished album, but in a world that’s been turned upside down since the pandemic, business as usual no longer applies. In fact, it’s the pandemic that’s helped fuel this ambitious project which began in the summer of 2020. Ro Rockwell has an impressive catalog of rap music to his name and hosts The Ro Rockwell Podcast on YouTube. Weston has his own roster of drastically different music harkening from the ghost metal genre he created. If you listen to these artists on their own, you cannot deny their talent, but they couldn’t be more different. Archduo is their band’s name, but it’s taken on a deeper meaning as the collaboration is growing into a family of others who also feel spiritual connectivity to their goal. They are taking a risk, especially in a world where music is typically put in neat little compartments. Sure, sometimes rap and metal co-mingle, but Weston is drawing on the origins and evolution of melodies as a music historian. This is ambitious, but nothing’s standing in Archduo’s way.

While it remains to be seen how this future work will be received by the masses, as someone who has heard an early cut, I can say they’ve cultivated a unique vibe-worthy sound. Their orchestration transcends everything a listener expects to hear in a track. Even though it’s my job to remain neutral, I can’t help feeling excited about Archduo’s music. Both Weston and Ro are successful in their own right; they are actors and have established fan bases in their respective music genres. They don’t need to take experimental risks. Still, they are putting their heart and soul into this album, and it’s time to celebrate artists willing to take these sorts of chances.

You can hear more about Weston and Ro’s project and a rough cut of Archduo on the season premiere of the podcast A Frightful Fret, a production of the Hyphen Podcast Group. Season two premieres on Spotify at 9:00 PM EST Saturday March 21, 2021 – streaming everywhere podcasts are available.