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Hyphen Podcast Group is a Morgantown, WV based podcast collective, founded in 2017 by Kelen Conley. Beginning with his own show, a Cleveland Browns football vlog, and a Boston based podcast, Hyphen Podcast Group has grown to feature a variety of shows about sports, concerts, comic books and more. Take your time and peruse all of the shows and feel free to listen to a few minutes of whatever you’d like. We’re working on having a little something for everyone.

Show Information

A Podcast Called Fresh
Miles Amadeus Prower, host of the offensively black I, Black Man Podcast, is joined by an assortment of cohosts to talk comics, movies, music and much more on the blerd podcast to end all nerd podcasts.
Browns In Our Blood
A NFL podcast covering the Cleveland Browns. Hosted by Anthony Sellers and Eric Jordan. Game previews/recaps, predictions and personal opinions.

Catch The Show/The Underground Monster
Welcome to Catch The Show, THE #1 concert review podcast IN THE WORLD. Join your host, E.G., as he talks about the latest in music to his most recent concert experience. It's the only podcast (so far) about concerts and live shows! I think...
Also home to The Underground Monster: a show covering all things in underground/independent hip-hop, horrorcore & Juggalo culture.
Hyphen Nation
On Hyphen Nation, I combine all my loves into one. Sometimes, you’ll get an episode about why Barack Obama is a fan of the show. Sometimes, you’ll get an episode about Scrubs. Sometimes, you’ll get an episode about the greatest MCs of all-time. Welcome to Hyphen Nation.
I, Black Man Podcast
Miles Amadeus Prower is just a black man/husband/father/son that’s just trying to give his two cents, and make a difference.
It's Like A Podcast Or Whatever
Your home for Nerd chat in the realms of comics, movies, pro-wrestling, cosplay and muzak-all through the filter of your lovely hosts, Everyday Rogue, Handsome Bane, Kayin P and Kit Kat Chinetti.
The Stamp Of Approval with Bobby Stamps
Bobby Stamps was born and raised a southern gentleman. And one thing this Georgia native knows is sports. Spinning off from the Monsta and the Man Podcast, Bobby is ready to go solo and take on the hottest topics of the day on local and national levels. So pour yourself a cold drink, put your feet up and enjoy yourself The Stamp of Approval with Bobby Stamps. But you probably should address him as Mr. Stamps for now.
Victory Jumpoff Radio
Victory Jumpoff Radio is a guaranteed eclectic playlist that will deliver good music, every time.

As it should be, the face chases the heel. Ever since they’ve known each other, Kelen Conley has been chasing Mike “The Buzz-Saw” Asti. These are the accounts of their various battles on the microphone.
Fantasy Football Bosses
When you need help, you go to the bosses. Gary Wolfe and Anthony Sellers are the Fantasy Football Bosses and are here to see you be the best fantasy players you can be. But you still won’t be able to defeat them or their trash talk of awesomeness.
Hip-Hop Manifesto
Two friends sit down to discuss what they have in common… a love of hip-hop.
Lemon On The Edge
Lane Lemon was born to talk sports. From the keys to winning Bedlam, what the latest is in the NFL, what team could make some noise come the NBA playoffs, and any relevant sports news of the day. Lane Lemon is the host of Lemon On The Edge, the only sports podcast with a host named Lemon. And Kelen Conley says things too.
Mollyfog The Music
Thomas Deja and Kelen Conley love all kinds of music. Each month, they bring each other 3 songs to listen to and then report back with their findings. Let the sidetracking begin!
Monsta and the Man Podcast
West Virginia’s Eric Jordan and Georgia’s Bobby Stamps are Jordan & Stamps. These two friends go back and forth about the latest in sports as well as some of their shared history in the rap/hip-hop industry. If you need a solid opinion, they have plenty to share. This is the Monsta and the Man Podcast, two OGz bringing you the quality podcast audio that you need.
Moves Like Curtis: The Podcast
Named after Curtis Martin, this podcast is destined for NFL Hall of Fame greatness! Covering all 32 teams at any given time, Thomas Deja leads you on a quest to better understand America’s favorite sport!
Nocturne Travel Agency Podcast
Join Thomas Deja as he guides you through The Nocturne Travel Agency! Interviews, insight, and integrity: all the things need for those that love to read/write great material!
The Slobberknocker Chronicles
Not just another professional wrestling podcast. A WWE wrestling podcast. With opinions that matter. If you care about opinions on WWE matters.
Trike Adventures
Anthony Sellers, Thomas Crawford, and Kelen Conley bring you Trike Adventures. Kelen attempts to moderate discussion on various topics… which only results in hilarity and vulgarity. Go figure.
Two Webshooters & A Microphone
Kelen Conley waxes about random nerdiness.


Founder/EiC/Host – Kelen Conley – bhyphen at gmail dot com / hyphenpodcastgroup at gmail dot com
HPG Board Member/Host – Marcus Robinson – mandrewr at gmail dot com
HPG Board Member/Host/ILaPoW Leader – Errick Greenlee – ilapowhatever at gmail dot com
HPG Board Member/Host/ILaPoW Director – Michael Lamerique – mizzknight at gmail dot com
HPG Board Member/Host – Miles Amadeus Prowler – eyeblackmanpodcast at gmail dot com

Hyphen Podcast Group is a burgeoning podcast network. We are actively seeking advertisers for all of our shows. We offer a full array of podcast services. We are still actively looking for new shows to join the family. We also offer editing and mixing services, podcast launching, and social media posting. Please email for pricing. We’re more than willing to answer any questions you may have about podcasting. We’re here to help.