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45. Quite a Conundrum Has He Created

RIP to Suzanne Douglas and Biz Markie. We are back from a short break because suddenly we are lost negros that can’t dislike a Black politican. Mass elected officials and others are weirdos per usual. The sky is a cute instagram pink but it’s actually lowkey deadly. The Olympics are actually a mess, and don’t make sense but they are here. 

The Shred Head Podcast

S03 E18 Sayonara Season 3

We’ve come to the end of Season Three’s long winding road. Saki coronates NEW NBA Champion Giannis Antetokounmpo. Space Jam’s reboot shouldn’t make you mad. Megan Thee Stallion isn’t an athlete. She’s not a horse either. Neither of those things has any bearing on her being on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

Humanity’s brightest and best are inducted into the SHP Hall of Fame.

See you next season, chumps.

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The Shred Head Podcast

S03 E17 The Golden Casky Awards.

Buckle up Mutant Miscreants. There’s gonna be a whole lotta jumpin goin on! Saki jumps right into the show. Zaila Avante-Garde apparently jumped the line and got all of God’s good talent. Cam Johnson jumps over PJ Tucker and sends his poor soul to the upper room.

Several people jump into Golden Caskets and proceed to get their respective dies on.

Handsome Bane of ILAPOW hogs all of the Shredcommendations.

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Rasslecast Power Hour

Thank You For All Your Money feat. @ShowinmadLov (Season 1 Finale)

The best tag team in the podcast business bicker over Bane’s shots at Hyphen’s dad, the New Day being #1 on WWE’s list of tag teams starts all kinds of discussions, 4 (technically 6) new members of the RCPH Hall of Fame are inducted, and Hulk Hogan stops by! In all seriousness, thank you to everyone who listens to the pod, thank you to Handsome Bane for covering for me all those times my daughter had a sleepover and it was too crazy in my house, and thank you to Marc Rob for saying “rip the audio from the video” and reminding me that I had recorded this entire podcast in OBS. This concludes season 1 and we shall see you marks in September for season 2 of the Rasslecast Power Hour!

It's Like A Podcast Or Whatever

Fantasy Draft-Anime Cosplay Accessories (ft. @maweezy @chocobobutt)

We’re firing on all cylinders as we bring back some familiar voices (@gorillamonk), welcome some friends back (@maweezy) and introduce a new friend (@chocobobutt). We fantasy draft wearable items in pop culture (comics, anime, cartoons, etc.) that we would like to own. And not just cosplay, but the ACTUAL item. Bane, Mike and the cosplay pros go 5 rounds in this fun episode. Follow us on the Twitter and the IG @ila_pow

The Shred Head Podcast

S03 E16 I, Tatsu Now Leave

Well, Mutant Miscreants, the day you’ve all been waiting for has arrived. So many of you have been asking the whereabouts of one Master Tatsu, the failure intolerant, second-in-command of the Foot Clan. Saki explains how they fell out and exactly with the fault lies (there will be many “I” statements).


Are Saki and Krang still on ghetto ass Earth?

Saki finally breaks his silence on the Knicks with the hot take that SHOULD be pretty mild.

And you might wanna turn your HBO Max on and watch Warrior.

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