It's Like A Podcast Or Whatever

Fantasy Draft-Anime Cosplay Accessories (ft. @maweezy @chocobobutt)

We’re firing on all cylinders as we bring back some familiar voices (@gorillamonk), welcome some friends back (@maweezy) and introduce a new friend (@chocobobutt). We fantasy draft wearable items in pop culture (comics, anime, cartoons, etc.) that we would like to own. And not just cosplay, but the ACTUAL item. Bane, Mike and the cosplay pros go 5 rounds in this fun episode. Follow us on the Twitter and the IG @ila_pow

It's Like A Podcast Or Whatever

S07 E04 The Black Cartoon Character Fantasy Draft

Yes. We are still borrowing the AFE concept. Please don’t sue us. Handsome Bane is joined by friend of the pod and real life hero, Aubrey Loveman (aka @unfriendlyblerdhottie) and Hyphen Podcast Group co-defendent, @showinmadlov (We Should Do This Again Sometime film pod). The three of them come together to draft EIGHTEEN Black animated characters. Who would you pick? Who did we forget? Don’t yell at your phone! Yell at us on social media! @ila_pow on Twitter AND IG

Love, Trust and Belief

It's Like A Podcast Or Whatever

S07 E03 Actors Who Cannot Act

On this episode of It’s Like a Podcast or Whatever, Handsome Bane and members of the Hyphen Podcast Group Family, Marc “ShowinMadlov” Rob, Kit Kat Chinetti (We Should Do this Again Sometime) and Melysette (A Frightful Fret) gather together to fantasy draft 4 teams of the worst actors in Hollywood. Then a wild Lamerique appears (The Soapbox).

Some takes will be hot. Some feelings will be hurt. Voice your opinion on IG or Twitter at @ila_pow!

It's Like A Podcast Or Whatever

S07 E01 Rest in the Most Peace Fantasy Draft (ft. B-Hyphen, Showinmadlov and Teri AKA PuddinAnn)

WELCOME TO SEASON 7 of It’s Like a Podcast or Whatever, and what better way to start the season by ripping off one of our favorite podcasts, All Fantasy Everything?

We (B Hyphen, ShowinMadLov, Mike Lam, Everyday Rogue, HB and one his very best friends, Teri aka PuddinAnn) are gathered here today to draft our favorite celebrities who passed on to Glory in the year 2020.  With last year sucking as badly as it did, it took the lives of a lot of Loved Ones. So instead of trying to choose just ONE person we would miss the most at the POWWIE AWARDS, we got together to choose 25 as well as some honorable mentions. PuddinAnn is making her podcasting debut, but you wouldn’t know it. Join us in this celebration of life as we still find a way to have fun (respectfully) with such a somber topic.

We thank you for listening and loving, trusting and believing in us. Looking forward to greatness in season 7!

It's Like A Podcast Or Whatever

S06 E23 Toaster Leavins 4

WELCOME TO TOASTER LEAVINS 4!  It’s the best of the rest.  Some of the good stuff that got cut from the better stuff. It’s very adequate entertainment.

Jeaux talks of his time as a stunt rider.

Savannah Summers talks Simpsons and Covid

Maweezy has no idea what day it is.

MIkal Mosely has audio issues.

K-Rock is too careful.

Some dude gets eaten by zombies.

Oroku Saki stops by.

It's Like A Podcast Or Whatever

S06 E22 The Craft (ft. Alejandra, Kuma da Grizzly, UnfriendlyBlerdHottie and ShowinMadLov)

Sup, Turkeys? Welp, we’ve come to the end of the road…for ILAPOW Season 6. Honestly, we should have called it with the last episode. But our friends were gracious enough to come back to record the season finale. We talk HBO’s Lovecraft Country and what we got out of it. We discuss its cultural importance, representation, and whether or not it’s worth going through all the Black trauma to watch it. There is also a Homeboys in Outer Space reference in there somewhere. We are joined by @showinmadlov, @atejeda97, @kumadagrizzly and @unfriendlyblerdhottie.

It's Like A Podcast Or Whatever

S06 E21 The HUNT is On: Royal Rumbowl for the Sitcom Couple Crown

This is the largest panel in ILaPoW history for pretty much anything.  We are gathered here today to sift through the best couples in all of situational comedy to crown ONE TO RULE THEM ALL!!  We’re not talking about the best show.  We’re not talking about our favorite show. We are just looking for the greatest two people who exemplify love and support to the highest degree.  And who are we?  Well, It’s just Handsome Bane, Malikai Unique, ShowinMadLov, Bossman Hyphen AS WELL AS former guest from the previous Rumbowl Ms. Tels.  BUT WAIT! There’s more!  HB’s brother-in-law and the Crown Jewel of the East Side of Detroit, @jeauxalejandro. And rounding out the group, all the way from Hawaii, the F***ing firefighter, @unfriendlyblerdhottie.  Whew! This one was a lot of work.

It's Like A Podcast Or Whatever

S06 E20 Savannah Summers vs Sara Jay (ft. @5avannah5ummer5)

Today we have a very special guest coming all the way from the Land Down-Under, Australian Professional Wrestler Savannah Summers.  Handsome Bane invites her to the pod to mark out unapologetically.  Savannah gives us the details surrounding her journey into the business and what to look forward to when the cloud of Covid lifts off the world.   She also tells us who she believes is the best there is currently, her favorite wrestler and just who is the GREATEST OF ALL TIME!  This chat was a lot of fun and so is Savannah’s accent.  We’d like to thank her for taking ILaPoW international.  Love, Trust and Belief

It's Like A Podcast Or Whatever

S06 E19 Who Washed Roger Rabbit (ft. Gary K Wolf)

HB starts the show by explaining that his presumed absence last week was ACTUALLY a super presence, because even though there was no ILaPoW episode PER SE, ILaPoW presented the NEW SHOW, EVERYDAY COSPLAY with EVERYDAY ROGUE is out on all the platforms and ready for your consumption!  Then he launches into some personal updates, family, living situations, job stuff. Nothing huge. AND THEN we are honored to be joined by Creator of Roger Rabbit, Jessica Rabbit, Baby Herman and Eddie Valiant, author and all-around cool guy, GARY K WOLF!  I KNOW!! He and Handsome Bane dish on the origins of Roger, Gary’s relationship with Disney, how different the book is from the film, WHY pray tell, Roger went from being a BROWN bunny in the book to a WHITE bunny in the film (It’s a very reasonable explanation) HB auditions and politics for a role in a future project and (jokingly) agrees to preorder THOUSANDS of copies of Gary’s next book.