S04 E25 Hi, I’m Danny Glover

Saki and Krang are back at it. The W National BA is on the ramp to the Play-offs, so Saki runs off some scores and takes.

Danny ?lover comes through to talk about the time he killed one of those trophy hunting aliens. He also addresses the cowards who’ve never been in a fight and think they know what it would take for the main character of “Prey” to take out a Predator. (It’s Home Alone with a primary weapon!)

You get a bunch of Shredcommendations…

NO! That’s plenty of show. Go away!

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S04 E24 The Princess of Dimension X

Saki’s Bratty Niece, Krangela is here and she’s being put to work! Krang’s Producer duties are passed on to his progeny while Mommy is in a BIG interview. (Good Luck Gina! GIVE EM HELL!!) Saki works REALLY hard to get the kid to open up, but ends making a shocking admission of his own. It gets real heavy…

A Hip New Meme is parodied.

Then a spoiler fr?? review of Apple TV’s new kid’s film “Luck” Also with Princess Krangela.

Wait for it…


Midway through, Saki realizes he’s cursing loud and he feels real bad about it. No spoilers but, y’all got this one right.

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S04 E23 Oops All Shredcommendations

We don’t know when this episode is coming out…well…I guess we do. But it’s an evergreen episode, so it doesn’t matter. Anyways, Here are a bunch of things Shredder thinks you should watch, read or listen to. You can tell your friends about it and act like you came up with it. At SHP, we are the tastemakers, and you get the flava!

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S04 E22 The Rucker Team (revised)

Hey Mutant Miscreants! This episode was recorded a while before Saki started his vacation. Krang really meant to get it out to you a couple of weeks back, but we decided it wasn’t super important. We knew you’d be fine. Well we’re back and we’re hoping Saki’s takes didn’t expire while we were away.

Action Bronson stops through.

No one on Team SHP was sure if Saki ever got around to naming his Rucker team starters, but by this time, there would need to be some…substitutions made.

New episode to follow on Sunday, so don’t be sad that this is short. More SHP soon come!

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S04 E21 The Lightning Round 2

So when Saki promised to drop another episode, Krang thought he was bull-jivin’. Saki never bull-jives. Krang was hours deep into his weekend (some would say he was in-di-couch, if you catch our drift).

So to keep with Krang’s wild soundboard, we switched formats to the second installment of the LIGHTNING ROUND on the Shred Head Pod.

NO ONE IS SAFE! Everyone is a target in Saki’s and Krang’s scopes.

Oroku Jamaal stops committing crimes long enough to text his uncle a fight scene for the segment so good, Saki forgot what he called it. (It’s You Fight Well in the Old Style, btw)

Are women flat-out better than dudes? Sometimes. And we talk about some of those times.

Saki and Krang ponder who they could play in the MCU.

other stuff.

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S04 E20 Traditional Position-Based Basketball

Saki and Krang are late, but they know it and they owe you one.

Most of the Oroku Clan came through to the Technodrome to chill for the 4th.

The 4th is Different in Dimension X but they ironically fall on the same day.

Then we get into some W National BA! and just how many realizations will Saki have about the league and their style of play. He wrestles with a name while Krang laughs his brain-ass off.

Two Cretins are crowned.

We’ll be right back!

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S04 E19 Ouroboros

WE GET THINGS OUT IN THE OPEN OFF TOP! If you like the Roe v Wade outcome, gone ‘head and turn this podcast off.

From the gulag to the ghetto as we go into the psyche of Leon Rose and the backwards hustle of the NEW YORK KNICKERBOCKERS!

What’s your top 5 Diss recordings of all time? Saki’s answers will shock you. The Answers to his answers will ALSO shock you. Meanwhile, the Shredder’s Records playlist can be found here.

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S04 E16 Earth Cooties

Saki gets the plague at Anime Boston. That’s right. The Big Bad Blasian has covid. Meanwhile in order to keep his mind sharp and his body in tune he moves into his studio and dojo to be able to record whenever he wants. Saki takes this time to accept a new challenge for the rest of season 4. Saki hires his nephew Oroku Jamaal to create programming in the form of the new segment, “You fight well in the old style.”

Cretin of the Week: Saki.

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