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S03 E18 Sayonara Season 3

We’ve come to the end of Season Three’s long winding road. Saki coronates NEW NBA Champion Giannis Antetokounmpo. Space Jam’s reboot shouldn’t make you mad. Megan Thee Stallion isn’t an athlete. She’s not a horse either. Neither of those things has any bearing on her being on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

Humanity’s brightest and best are inducted into the SHP Hall of Fame.

See you next season, chumps.

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The Shred Head Podcast

S03 E17 The Golden Casky Awards.

Buckle up Mutant Miscreants. There’s gonna be a whole lotta jumpin goin on! Saki jumps right into the show. Zaila Avante-Garde apparently jumped the line and got all of God’s good talent. Cam Johnson jumps over PJ Tucker and sends his poor soul to the upper room.

Several people jump into Golden Caskets and proceed to get their respective dies on.

Handsome Bane of ILAPOW hogs all of the Shredcommendations.

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The Shred Head Podcast

S03 E16 I, Tatsu Now Leave

Well, Mutant Miscreants, the day you’ve all been waiting for has arrived. So many of you have been asking the whereabouts of one Master Tatsu, the failure intolerant, second-in-command of the Foot Clan. Saki explains how they fell out and exactly with the fault lies (there will be many “I” statements).


Are Saki and Krang still on ghetto ass Earth?

Saki finally breaks his silence on the Knicks with the hot take that SHOULD be pretty mild.

And you might wanna turn your HBO Max on and watch Warrior.

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The Shred Head Podcast

S03 E15 Professor Curry

For the second year in a row, Steph Curry has been taken out of Playoff contention in the National BA. So why does Steph still get Saki’s vote for MVP? Paul Mooney receives his final flowers. Saki implores you not be a dick. Shredcommendation and KING KWAME BROWN is still the number one draft pick 20 years later.

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The Shred Head Podcast

S03 E13 Randle Savage

RIP to the homie Black Rob. Saki recalls his favorite Black Rob and DMX verses and how they kinda ended up on the same song. Then it’s on to the National BA where Saki unleashes a take so hot, your headphones are gonna spew smoke. Should we look at how injuries are affecting the season?

How badly do you want to be right? Would you be willing to see your friends die?

Not so hot take: Candace Parker looks fantastic. Geez!

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The Shred Head Podcast

S03 E12 Two BLACK Women

Saki and Krang settle into the wackest studio in HPG Studios. They didn’t even get catering! They end up recording in a cavernous supply room and it makes them sound WeIrD!

How are the Knicks (28-27) doing? Did Julius Randle hit the game winner against the NJ Nets? Prolly not.

DMX passes away and we hope that all dogs go to Heaven.

Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks headline WrestleMania and make history for the culture.

Saki puts some respect on the name of Sam “The Falcon” Wilson.

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The Shred Head Podcast

S03 E11 The New Jersey Nets

SURPRISE YOU FOOLS! Maybe we should stop calling you all fools. Thank you for kickin it with Saki. You could’ve been anywhere in the world, but you’re here with me. PUT THAT IN YOUR Cristal bottle and SMOKE it, Shawn Carter!

Today, Theeeeee Shredder lets the New Jerse…Brooklyn Nets have it with both barrels.

White dudes can’t stop whipping out their flacid pieces because of their morning snort.

The National CAA has a GENDER BIAS?! REALLY?!

What if KITT from Night Rider didn’t think he could be racist because of his paint job?

Jason Concepcion. That’s the tweet.

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The Shred Head Podcast

S03 E10 Release the Shredder Cut!

AHA!! You thought you wouldn’t hear from the Master this week, but you are! Yes Saki is still in New York but where? And do you really care?

You’re here for the Knicks Takes. And here they are. Saki makes a plea to James Dolan to make the world a better place. He discusses Julius Randle’s late game travel plans.

He also tries to stomach the 4 hour uphill hike that is the Snyder Cut to give you a spoiler-free review…but we doubt he makes it. Hell, HE doubts he’ll make it.

J.G. Quintel makes a return the Shredcommendations.

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The Shred Head Podcast

S03 E09 Dr. Seuss Was No Mister Rogers

Seuss was racist? Noooooo….really?

The National BA gets weird with the Dunk Contest, but should there even BE a National BA All-Star weekend to begin with? The short answer is no. The long answer is Hell No.

Saki also give a spolier-free SUCKA FREE review “Coming 2 America”.

And some fool who tried to besmirch Pam Grier is living proof that there’s no accounting for taste.

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